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Hi! My zebrina is getting huge, do I need to repot it? I bought him in april 2022, since then he´s in the same pot and soil. if I have to repot it, what soil should I use?
Thanks! #tradescantiazebrina #repot
10” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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Tradescantia are actually very short lived plants. It's best to take cuttings and put them back in the same pot to keep it looking full. When they start to die, the leaves closer to the soil go first and the plant looks "bald," so when you chop and prop back into the pot it keeps a constant supply of new plants and growth!

Most plants like to be repotted once a year so I'd say wait until next year unless you want a bigger plant or pot!
I suppose you could. Or I would just take cuttings and start another plant 😂!! I’ve used regular potting soil but let’s see what others say. #Zebrina
I would only repot if you’re concerned that it is root bound. It may not necessarily need to be repotted. If the roots are showing through the bottom of the pot or if when you water it seems like there is no soil, then it’s time for a repot. These tradescantia love to trail and grow so I am hesitant to say it is due without checking the roots.

As far as soil, standard potting mix works (I like happy frog from fox farm).
I like them short so I usually cut and put right back into the soil. They are really easy rooters.
Thanks for the advice everybody. Cuttings and putting it in the same pot it is!

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