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Color question
Hey, @jcPlantProper! I got this McColley’s Finale philodendron from Plant Proper, and it’s on its third new leaf. It seems happy. But, the color was much paler when I got it. It had a lovely yellow leaf. Now, the new growth is dark red, and even the green leaves are lightly rimmed in red. It’s beautiful, but… is it supposed to do that? It doesn’t look like it wants to be yellow and orange.
Hey! It is pretty! Depending on the light, it’ll do this! The new growth is usually the yellow or orange color but in certain lights, the color changes
It was the yellow and such when you got it?
@jcPlantProper yep, it had a huge yellow leaf that was beautiful. It sits several feet from a very large window and has fluorescent lighting always, because it lives in our pharmacy. I hope it is happy. We enjoy having it at work.
This isn’t to be confused w the prince of orange. So as they mature they’ll turn red/green too! I found this online. And if you look at pics of them, the mature happy ones will do that
She’s growing up 🥹 looks really good
@jcPlantProper I hope she lives a long healthy life here in the pharmacy! Having plants in this stressful environment makes it just a tiny bit calmer.
@Jana85 yeah! She looks amazing

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