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Too much or too little water? Or something else??

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My first gues would be too little given how wrinkled they are. I’d check the roots to see if they’re healthy and light-colored, dry and shriveled, or mushy and dark. If they’re dry it will confirm that your plant id underwatered.

What is your watering routine?


Are you blindly following the watering prompts from Greg? Don’t let it substitute for your own observation. It is best practice to check your plant’s soil before watering to be sure it’s as dry as it should be according to your plant type. It is also important to make sure other plants that need it stay just moist. Greg is pretty accurate, but it can’t know the unique conditions in your home. There are all sorts of variables like humidity, indoor temperature, pot shape, etc. All of these affect the plant’s watering needs.

Greg can learn, however. Check the dirt often and if you find it dry enough, water it and hit water in the oasis. If Greg tells you to water and the soil is still too wet, hit snooze and wait a couple of days. Over time, Greg will adjust its recommendation according to your input and make it more and more accurate.

Do you bottom water? It is highly advisable. Place your plants (pots only, no saucers) in a tray of water that comes up an inch or so on the side of the pots. Leave them to soak for 20 minutes or more. Then, set them aside to thoroughly drain before returning them to their saucers. If after 5 minutes there is water in any of the saucers it is very impotant to pour it out. This method guarantees your plant will be thoroughly watered while the top will remain dry. This discourages bugs, especially the great scourge, the notoriously evil fungus gnats.

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It is in a very deep pot so I’m going to repot it into a shallower pot so that bottom watering will be more effective and easier to monitor
@PoetOxlip Thank you for best answer. 😊

Don’t go too short with the new pot. The water is not supposed to move all the way up to the top of the soil. The top couple of inches remain dry. It helps with bugs, but it also encourages your plant to grow nice long roots as it seeks out the water.

You can let the pot sit in the water for 30 minutes or even longer if you’re worried that the plant isn’t being watered effectively. You can’t overwater because the soil can only soak up water until it’s satursted. As long as you make sure to empty any water that gathers in the saucer you can’t go wrong! ❤️🌺❤️
@TruthfulApricot I almost killed my string of pearls using a self watering flower pot!! It got wet all the way to the top of the pot.