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This is a ghost plant right? I think I’ve seen it here before. Its a little baby 1 incher, so not enough room on the tag for a name. #WhatTheSucc #SucculentSquad
Although I’m not totally sure, it kind of looks like a Lipstick Echeveria. They usually are sold pretty small like this.
It’s hard to tell what kinda of echeveria, but it looks like it has rotted leaves. How often do you water?
@AguaViviente I just got it today actually, and the other ones like it had similarly colored leaves. I don’t think they are rotted.
@HpflHeart this was the part that concerned me.
@vvvelo Any ideas what this baby succ might be?
Yeah, those are completely dead/dry. Not wet. I just got it home today, so I plan to give it time under the growlight to adjust. Hopefully any over watering and under lighting it recieved at Home Depot will settle.
@HpflHeart definitely not a lipstick echeveria. Looks more like a pachyveria hialium (1st image) or gauca (2nd).

Your succulent looks overwatered and do not panic if all leaves fall off. The 3 larger leaves look like they may not make it though, considering the discoloring due to cells bursting 🌿
@kscape Super weird that all the babies had the same coloring! I considered overwatering when my partner picked it out, but then noticed they all had the same coloring (only this type) and assumed it was the type of plant. I put it under a growlight, maybe I’ll put it outside, and see if it can dry up. Maybe save the middle.
It looks like something between Pachyveria and Ghost Plant. It looks very overwatered.
Welp, one of the big leaves fell off this morning, so I tried nudging the ofher big ones and they fell off too. We shall see what becomes of the remaining center.

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