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Green Prayer Plant - is he okay??
I got this plant in one of those subscription boxes and I’ve never had one before. Besides the fact that my cat nibbles on leaves, I’m not sure if it’s doing well? It seems to be growing outward rather than up. Is that normal? And I’m not sure if the pot is good enough or if it should have drainage/be larger. Any help is appreciated! #GreenPrayerPlant
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Yes the pot should have a drainage hole. You have to very very careful watering without one. Apparently these plants like indirect light, well draining soil and humidity. You can find more details by tapping the species name > FAQ . You can also see other’s experience with the plant. They are so beautiful !
So I also got mine in a subscription box. After researching, I’ve learned these guys love humidity. Daily misting was not doing it for me so I bought a humidifier from the same company as my plant subscription and water every week and a half. The soil should be a little moist at all times too. I keep mine in a corner that stays shaded all day and it’s doing great. I have two new leaflets unfurling right now. Hope this helps!
Mine also grows out — I've seen these pretty regularly in hanging baskets. They don't like tap water (learned this the hard way; I think it's the chlorine and fluorine that builds up, causing their leaves to turn brown). I've switched to water that's been left out overnight, and that helps! You can also use distilled water or rainwater.
Thanks, everyone! I repotted him today so fingers crossed he does better!
@AloeveYou I subscribe to box too.....make sure you're not repotting too soon. I learned that the hard way. I let the plant acclimate for about a week before I repot and since then I've had no issues! The stress they go through during shipping sometimes is hard to get them out of.

Also, my cat is the same way 🤦‍♀️ I use peppermint and citrus oils to keep him away.
Mine grows out as well. Does well with indirect light but is a total drama Queen about water so make sure you stay on top of the schedule. When the leaves start to curl in, it’s beyond time for a spritz.
@jazzyjess Essential Oils are toxic for cats, the prayer plant isn’t!… 😉 Try having cat grass available nearby (my cat loves oat and doesn’t care about wheatgrass), cats are less likely to nibble on your plants if they have their own nibbling station!… 😸
Prayer plants are finicky about their water, it seems! 😅 Mine looks happier since I switched to filtered water for watering and started spraying her also.
@BeesZenGarden I should consider this! I have so much aloe that he doesn’t touch, but anything that’s got leaves or palms he goes after 🤦🏼‍♀️
@AloeveYou I have a nibbler too!… 😉 My old cat was even worse. My lucky bamboos are perched on top of a bookshelf… Lol… 😅
@BeesZenGarden I make my own oils and have never had an issue with any of my cats but thank you for info, I will look into it!