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Anyone else got baby traps?

So many little baby traps growing on trap queen. She must have enjoyed those flies last week! #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #VenusFlyTrap #PLANTMAFIA
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I love carnivorous plants. I have 3 sundews that love the fungus nats.
They keep coming
@Gordo omg sundews look so cool, amazing plants!!
@CultivateLove love to see this!!
So envious! Need to up my carnivorous plant game
Nice! I’ve been too hesitant to bite the bullet on a carnivorous plant
@CultivateLove I love your traps! This is on my wishlist.
@CultivateLove I have one I got from Walmart that looks just like that
I have one anyone know how to take care if a venus fly trap?
@BJoyce omg they are honestly amazing, I know some say they are hard to keep alive but I’ve had no problems at the moment :)
@Uniqueplantlove fly traps like to be in moist soil, so not letting the soil dry out is essential, just when it starts you dry out water it. I feed one of my traps one fly a month and plenty of sunlight. They don’t tolerate low light!! Good luck I hope this has helped a bit
@dylan1stokes yes you helped so much where did you get your food from and would it be small enough because mine are really really small
@Uniqueplantlove I just catch little flies or spiders, it’s best to feed them live but if they have just recently died it’s fine, you just might have to encourage it to shut if they are dead as they close when they feel something move
@Uniqueplantlove also do you use filtered/distilled/or rain water for your plants, they prefer this
Great thread. Ever since you posted this I've been looking into buying one. I wondered about feeding live insects and ty for answering that.
@dylan1stokes thanks for all the info, this is a new plant for me as well!
Finger crossed that my beauty makes it through the winter
@TinaRedchic anytime :)
@CultivateLove your welcome, hope you manage to get one :)
@2bwoodz this is beautiful!!
May I know what the black/grey things in the middle ?
@SabelleTo the black stuff in the middle is just a couple dead leaves and traps I need to remove :)
I love the baby traps but I think I have to much