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Suggestions for low-light built in planter
Hi #GregGang! I have a built in planter next to my front door. I’d love to plant it up but I’m worried it’s just too dark for even low-light plants. The room has a wall of west facing windows (pictured) and one south facing window about 18’ across the room from this bookshelf w/ built in. Should I give snake plants or pothos a try? scrap it and make a rock garden? Dangle some grow lights from swag hooks? Halp?!
Looks like you might be able to grow pothos in that lighting depending on how deep the built in planter is
Could you move the planter directly in front of the window behind the couch?
I’d do a Pothos like @WickedValkyrie
@WholeRockcress I wish! It’s built in to the bookshelf. @WickedValkyrie the planter is about 6x6x36.
@RJG @sarahsalith @HoyaAddict any ideas. I think pothos might make it. All depends on how much lighting comes in. If the drapes stay open I don’t see why pothos couldn’t survive.
You should be able to grow pothos in there no problem... (: I've had mine in a 27x6x7 window box for about two years and it's thriving! (: It will get root bound eventually, bit you should get a couple good years out of it first. (:
Some Pothos can even grow under artificial light
This is very true. That's why they are such popular office plants (:
Ditto pothos and even a ZZ.
@AwesomePlants good idea! A whole bank of ZZs! Like a flock of ZZs. Or a gaggle or a herd. What do you call a bunch of ZZ plants? 🀣
@sarahsalith ZCrew, of course! πŸ˜†
I think pothos would be just fine there. If you are handy with installing lighting fixtures, you could install one there and put in grow lights and have whatever your heart desires! (:

You've got a swag hook above it so I'd say ZZ or Aglaonema in the planter and a pothos from the ceiling!
Ooohhh @sarahsalith that sounds like a beautiful arrangement!
I think either or both plants would be nice. Maybe a grow that attaches to the wall.
@sarahsalith ZZs never occurred to me. That would be perfect. A Flock of ZZ’s
Solomon Seal love shade and if you want to be unique I think it would be a great option. There was a post about this I will link here
@KikiGoldblatt all I can think of is Flock of Seagulls now! 🀣
I think pothos would work. If you needed to add grow lights in the winter, it would add some nice light to the space as well. I use my lights in the winter months only and have success!
Maybe combine snake and pothos? Maybe spider plants, ivy, and agree, even ZZs. 😍
Probably u can give it artificial light? Else you need to select plants that can grow in low light conditions but their growth would be real slow.

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