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Bare Vines
so these #GoldenPothos i got from my mom grew some good, nice roots so i potted them and trimmed all the dead stuff off but my vines are very bare and don’t have very many leaf’s at all BUT the leafs it does have are very nice and healthy. how do i make it not look so leggy and grow lots of leafs?!?!?! PLS HELP😭☹️🌿
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I had this happen to one of my pothosses one time. It's best to take the vine wrap it around the pot and secure with some hairpins and then cover it with some soil so hopefully the nodes can root. Should be an easy fix but I wish you luck! 😁👍
Legginess is typically a sign that your plant wants more light. It’s focusing on growing stems to get closer to light. I’d try moving it to a brighter spot and chopping a couple of the vines at a time way back.
Wrap it like this with hair pins and then cover using soil.👍
The hair pin thing is a great idea!!! I was going to say chop and prop. I do it all the time!!!
I agree with @austin.d, it may be looking for more light.
@plantplantplant do you know if this would work with long Purple Heart plants as well
Everyone here has great suggestions but I like @plantplantplant’s idea the most! It would get rid of the stress from pruning part!
@plantplantplant awesome! thank you sm! will be doing this tonight:)
@austin.d thank you!! they’ve been moved closer than where they first started but if that doesn’t help i’ll be moving them closer to sunlight!
@SilkyDuranta just did this with a couple of my vines to see how it goes! first time with a pothos lol🤞🏼
@TigerGarden Probably! But I've never tried it with that yet! Good luck!😁👍
@hayhaystrawtea I agree it’s looking for light. Moving it to a brighter spot will help it. I have done with hairpin idea that @plantplantplant has said. It makes them look fuller too.

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