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I think it’s dying
I’ve had this plant for 1 year and it was doing excellent. I just recently moved and put it in the same sunlight I’ve had it in before on the east side. But now the leaves all have brown tips and some leaves are almost fully brown! :(( I don’t know what to do. Please give me any tips.
Your dracaena looks very thirsty! It is recommended to water every 10-12 days and to keep the soil slightly moist between waterings to avoid drying of leaves! 🤗🪴

Just be careful to not overwater to prevent root rot. You can also place a humidifier within 6 feet of your dracaena, or you can also place a large pebble tray under your plant to give it moisture over time 😌

Also, welcome to Greg! We’re happy to have you and your plants 🥰
I struggled with my dracaena, and I only just now found a place it’s happy. It’s in my bathroom, which is a bright room with a south facing window, but no direct light ever touches this plant. Direct light made it get brown spots quickly, and even a tiny amount of direct light harmed it. It’s currently around 3 feet from the window. After having it nearly a year with zero new growth, it has grown several new leaves in about a month in this room, so I’m never moving it again now that I found it’s spot! Lol. This has been one of the few plants I’ve struggled with. I keep it in a terra cotta pot and water it around every 10 days or so. I don’t know if that helps you any—I was killing mine until pretty recently. 😆

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