Posted 3w ago by @plantina91

Help identify these sprouts? #MiniMonstera
Noticed these little ones sprouting in the pot of my mini, was wondering what they are and how to save them from being killed when I repot it? Any advice or tips would be lovely. Edit: I believe they might be minis too, but I am not sure, they started popping up in dirt as the plant grew. Surprised me actually, rather pleasantly #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantsHealpeople #NewGrowth #ScienceWithGreg
Solution: add the tag #ScienceWithGreg and document the progress. It is the only way.
Not sure about the sprouts. If they grow bigger maybe you can get a better idea. πŸƒ
Agree with @Pegster. May have to wait a few weeks to see what it is until they’ve grown a little bigger :)
I get them in my outdoor plants all the time. Just a lil weed cluster
I find these in my plants from Home Depot. Just weeds. I pick them out.

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