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my garden
hey guys i’ve just planted a mini garden. are my herbs too close together?
also i had gotten the pepper plants all together in one pot as a group of 4 but do they need separated?
Your herbs look lovely, I don't think they're to close, however if you have any mint planted in there you might want to pot it up on its own, mint can be invasive, growing by underground rhizomes! πŸ‘πŸŒΏπŸŒ±
@Sassylimey thanks ! i’ve been trying to find mint but am having a hard time in my area. what do you think about the peppers ?
The peppers look great πŸ‘πŸ€©
I'm hoping to get my veggie garden started next week. I grow my veggies in straw bales, no digging, no bending and it's a wonderful medium for growing herbs and veggies. I found out about this 7 years ago on Facebook.. It works!!!
It's hard for me to tell what you've planted, but it all looks great to me! (:
@Sassylimey 😲 that's so cool! I had no idea you could do that!
@Sassylimey wow i’ve never heard of doing plants in straw bales ! that’s incredible
@takobxll @WickedValkyrie it's so easy and truly a great way to grow veggies, check out that link πŸ”—πŸ‘€
Hi. IMO the peppers could be spread out a little more if you have the space. Side note; just got some bulbs (Arisaema) in the mail on eBay from your town yesterday!
@SubTrop from new tazewell?? that’s awesome ?
@takobxll oops, sorry, no New, just Tazewell.
@SubTrop hahah that’s still close

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