Posted 6d ago by @thefluffygarden

Brown spots and leaves falling
Hi there! My pretty nerve plant is acting up and loosing leaves and having brown spots on some of them. I’m giving her water pretty frequently (when the soil starts to dry up) and fertilizing her often as well but she doesn’t seem to feel good. Anyone has any ideas? #NervePlant #sickplant #helpneeded
10ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Are you letting the soil dry out between waterings? How is the humidity in your house? Also how often are you giving it fertilizer? These can be some of the issues that can cause curling and brown leaves.
Does it get any direct sunlight? Too much sun can burn the leaves. As @LatiTish84 mentioned, too much fertilizer could be a problem too, that can definitely burn the leaves if you’re using too much.
so there was one app that said to give fertilizer ever 2 days so that’s what i was doing but it might be much. i’ll need to check on my humidity in my home because i don’t have anything to calculate it at the moment. and i was not letting it dry out, should i check it everyday and as soon as it’s dry, give water? thanks a lot ☺️ @LatiTish84 @RedDragonZ34
That's way too much fertilizer!! You can give it fertilizer every 1-2 months. Check the water every 3-4 few days. If the top two inches is dry go ahead and water it. I'm pretty sure the problem was the fertilizer, so don't worry about humidity at this moment. Let's see how it bounces back from here and then we will work on humidity if it doesn't get better. @thefluffygarden
@LatiTish84 thank you so much for your help!!!! ☺️ i’ll try that

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