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My dog got into my plant 😭
My dog got into my plant last night and I was able to repot just this little piece. Please help me with next steps for this beautiful plant. I was able to save just a price of each of the other. Please tell me how to propagate the remaining pieces #PetsAndPlants
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Let it dry /callous over the end that was cut and then you can either stick it in dry soil and literally just leave it alone or try the water way the pieced look really healthy imo so theh should do well if given the proper condition. I know @vvvelo is really great at propagation so maybe he can give you better advice than me. Best of luckβ™‘
@KrunchyWrap you have good advice!
@vvvelo thank you! I learned from all of you guys lol
@KrunchyWrap our community has a big power! We learn something new from each other! πŸ‘πŸ€©
@vvvelo yes and uts my favorite this app β™‘
@KrunchyWrap Thank you so much! I allowed them to dry out and then placed them back into the dirt. I’ll definitely be tracking the process
@FeMonet33 awesome! And don't be scare to let then dry out for a few days. With all the water theh have stored up they will be just fine and it's helps prevent root rot or any other fungal infections from vejng created or starting back up. I've had to do it had to do it many many times and was scared of leaving it out too long but literally left it for like a week and it bounced back faster than ever that way rather than just waiting a few hours. But best of luck and I hope to hear some good stuff soonβ™₯︎

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