Posted 2M ago by @xou

What happened to #techteamtuesday
I havent seen a single #techteamtuesday since forever, why did those stop? #gregfeedback
Best Answer
We haven't had a lot of noticeable front end updates lately.

The #WhatTheSuccWednesday Digest and #FreshFeaturedFriday have taken over the sharing of cool community posts each week.
@xou I haven’t seen one either? @rjg?
2M ago
@RJG this might be too pessimistic but i think there wasnt a tech team tuesday update for almost half a year now, and that just feels like you guys are giving up on the app
@xou Totally fair critique from the limited front end changes over the last 3 months or so. We've been doing a lot of under the hood work to make the app perform better before we start any new robust front end changes

.... but ask and you shall receive. We'll have a #TechTeamTuesday explaining all the work we've been doing to optimize the app next week.

We're so glad to have users that keep such a close eye on what going on and expect so much from us. Keeps us sharp!
2M ago
@RJG this is why i love this app, you guys are so transparent with everything ❀
Hey Xou! Between us, I wanted to let you under the hood a little more, but Our Dev team is only a three man team.

I wanted to let you know that because you've been so awesome with your own efforts to improve Greg, and I don't want you to think we don't want to make user recommendations (like the oasis overhaul) a priority.

Hopefully as the user base continues to grow, we'll be able to have a more robust team which will enable us to make the changes you guys want much quicker.

This is long form to say the oasis overhaul is definitely still coming. Besides perhaps threading of comments, it's my biggest pain point as well. With so many plants and just pictures I totally get lost sometimes if I'm just scrolling.

Anyways, thanks again for sticking with us and for asking for the explanation of the last few months in the first place!
2M ago
@RJG hey, it's nothing, thank you for being so transparent and engaged in the community!

the only reason i asked about the oasis page, is because that all happened so long ago, and there were no info on it since. i'm happy you guys didnt scrap it or put it on hold, i understand that small teams need time, so a big change like that definetly takes time.

thank you for answering ❀