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Is there anything I can do more for my plant
This is my heart leaf philo and he is growing so fast! Tons of new growth but I don’t know if I should fertilise him or how often I should water him. Any tips please?? #Heartleaf #Grower #GreenThumb
Plant looks great. If you used store brought potting mix the do have normally 6mth slow release fertilizer. Worm castings on top of soil is a nice natural fertilizer or you can use one that you add to the water but maybe use 1/2 dose every time or every second time you water if your unsure if the soil has a slow release one or not. If you noticed leaves browning the sign you may be overdoing it. You can use the app to give you a indication of watering but always check the soil and if the top 25-50% seems dry then water. Watering always depends on the local condition and the soil you’re using.
@Gordo Thanks! Will do :)
As far as watering, I recommend to check the soil with a finger. Once the first inch or so of soil is dry it’s likely time to water again.
@MeganO Thanks for the tip!

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