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What's with the wrinkles?
Ok my #whatthesuccsquad well.. I guess it's more what's up with my succ.. than #whatthesucc why is my string of buttons wrinkled at the bottom but not at the top? She's still pushing up babies but it's weird that she stays wrinkled.. I recently repotted. Putting the variegated in the same pot..I don't want to overwater it.
#Crassula #whatthesuccwednesday
1ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Maybe she's sending all her energy into making new babies?
Cute pot! And cool plant! My guess is acclimating to the transplant or “transplant shock”. Also looks either under or over watered. Without knowing the nuances, it’s hard to say! Usually, mushy leaves mean too much water. Wrinkled, dry, crispy means too little water. If it’s the latter, give ‘er a nice soak. Drought then Drench is a great watering method for drought loving plants. If the new growth looks healthy, I wouldn’t worry too much. Good luck! Post progress ☺️
I agree with @LadyAlula this also happened to one of mine, I believe the soil was moist for way too long and mine got mushy. So I propped what I could. 💚✨
@LadyAlula @AguaViviente @discreetwildyam

It was in a teeny little pot which is why I figured I should repot. It's so weird.. the top is firm.. the middle leaves are vaguely mushy and wrinkly on the one longest plant(there are 3) but firmer on the 2 smaller ones and less wrinkly. They got some rain water today so I'm going to see how they look in the next day or so..
Hopefully it's a combo of adjusting and giving energy to babies.
As for me it seems like there is not enough water for this plant. Also, there is maybe no roots on that stem. I have the same issue with my watch chain.
@vvvelo you just reminded me, I need to check her today, see what she's got going on. Maybe I am letting her dry out a little too long and whatever water she did get in that tiny pot went straight energy to make babies? 🤞🏽
@ManyLime I have never seen this before. Sorry I can’t confirm or reject it!
Mine’s doing the exact same thing and I was windering if the one w lower dying on just one stem might not be getting enough light to the lower parts. Not sure.
@HpflHeart I set mines out so it can get more full sun and I'm still watching it. It seems like some are less wrinkly but it's still has wrinkles. So I'm still not sure. I did end up giving it its own pot and I'm still observing.

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