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What am I doing wrong with this plant. I don’t want to loose it. It has sentimental value to me. #PLEASE HELP
1ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
What all is wrong with it or going on? Do you have any pictures ?
@KrunchyWrap it hasn’t bloomed and the new leaves are dying before they get full length. Some spots pop up brown on the taller leaves
Personally, I think it's time for a repot. How long have you had the plant? 
@sarahsalith since this time last year. I received it in the passing of my mother. Do you recommend what type of pot, by chance
If you repot, use a pot with drainage holes. Could it be overwatered?
@ContentMastic I am so sorry for yourself loss. I know the plant is very sentimental.

For me, I find that my peace lilies do well in a plastic pot. That allows the soil to retain moisture.

They want to be tight in their pots and they need to be tight in their pots to allow them to bloom well. 

The pot needs to have good drainage. They like to dry out a bit between waterings.

The plant does not want to be in direct light, but in filtered brighter to medium light.

All that being said, I would find a plastic pot with drainage that is possibly an inch or two in diameter SMALLER than what you have now.

You can water the plant well, pull it from its pot, gently shake the old soil off the roots, and inspect the roots for dark spots (root rot) while you have it out.

Then, with your new potting soil in your pot with drainage, repot your plant.
Welcome to Greg- I hope you can get lots of good information while you are here.
@sarahsalith THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I will do that immediately.
@ContentMastic please let me know how it grows. 🌱 😊
@sarahsalith you have already helped a lot. I’m already satisfied. Now for my baby to join my team and be healthy
@sarahsalith oh I will, definitely! 😁😁
@sarahsalith gave a bunch of really great advice. The only thing I will add is that I probably wouldn’t keep the moss on the top of the soil. I am sorry for your loss, and I so hope that your peace lily pulls through! 🙏🏻
I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re getting great advice from the Greg Team. These plants are resilient, so it will recover very fast.
Consider using a “Sustee Aquameter”. You can visually monitor the plants water needs without physically putting your finger in the dirt. They last approx. 6-9 months. They’re only found on Amazon and Etsy. Please keep the Greg Team inform on the status of your plant.
@Ada3 Thank You, I’ll look for that also now
@malobee curious, only because I have a peace lily as well and it came@with moss on top… why wouldn’t you keep the moss?
@ContentMastic you’re welcome
That’s just normal things that happen to peace lilies it’ll really it’ll be fine they don’t always bloom every season if there a new plant
@bellasla so it is still considered a baby then???
@ContentMastic Yes it would still be considered a baby mine looks the same as well

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