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Why is my peace lily leaves turning brown and I can get i...

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@SacredRockfig pot is too big they like to be slightly root bound and I water once a week and give the entire plant a good soak with the sprayer when I do . See my pot is actually smaller than yours. Put my plants bigger so the pots way too big for that size which can lead to root rot οΏΌ
@PoisedAlbo thank you so much!!
@SacredRockfig welcome
Following…mine is having the same problem
Agree with the pot being too big. I would repot, trim the brown bits off and fertilise a little. I also find mine flowers better in humid conditions, it seems to be happiest in my bathroom. Good luck with it!
@talkplantstome do the bathroom lights count as light? I have grow lights but I’m new to all of this. My girl looks MISERABLE so thank you for all this advice
Unless you bought growlight bulbs, no, a normal bathroom light is probably not enough. A grow light would work though if you could put one in there 😊 we're all constantly learning so I'm sure you'll make her happy soon!