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Tap vs. Distilled water?

Hi everyone - I’ve had my rattlesnake for 3 weeks and have been misting with dechlorinated (not distilled) water every other day. I had her by my fish tank initially and I think the light burnt the tips of her leaves so now she’s with my snake plant in a more shaded corner. I’m wondering if distilled water would also help her perk up? And does misting actually help? Thanks :)
8ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi Grace! @RichNatallily Welcome to Greg! 🪴💚
I use room temperature, filtered tap water on mine and it’s been fine. I never must it, but I do have it with other plants that like humidity in an effort to create a “micro-climate” for them. I had also been running a humidifier for a long stretch of winter here when the air is super dry from the heating system. As far as watering goes, I try to keep the soil moist by giving it a little amount twice a week. They don’t like drying out and they don’t like being sopping wet either. One last observation from your plant card is that it says your plant is in a container with no drainage. If this is true, I highly suggest moving it into a container with drainage so you don’t end up getting root rot and a dead plant. Hope these tips help! Here’s a pic of mine. I really love it!
@SunnyPlants thank you so much!!! This is super helpful and I’m going to move it from its current pot tomorrow
@RichNatallily You’re welcome! Glad to hear this! 🪴💚