Posted 1w ago by @ArdentNapaea

I’m ready to repot. Can I use the container it is already in or should I use a larger one?
2ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
If it is growing bigger than you want to put it in a pot about 2 inches bigger
You could just refresh the soil, but if it's root bound, you'll want to size up a couple inches.
@ArdentNapaea you will also need more dirt because you are putting it in a bigger pot
You have received great advice. Also keep in mind that these plants do not mind being tight in their pots.
Yeah I only repot mine once a year, once every couple years depending on which one... They really don't need it often.
You have your plant in an eight inch pot now which is a fairly big pot. As @sarahsalith has indicated these plants don’t mind being tight in their pots. If it root bound then it probably needs a new pot. You can cut the trails and propagate them. I wind a few of the trails in the pot to give the plant a fuller look. @WickedValkyrie also has good advice.

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