Posted 2M ago by @sarazel

Kitty seems healthy, but I haven’t seen any recent growth. Any tips for repotting her? I think she needs more room than the tiny pot she came in.
#BabyRubberPlant #repot
0ft to light, direct
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
I would just gently pull her out of her current pot. I usually recommend sizing up 1-1.5 sizes from current size. You don’t want the new pot to be too big because too much soil puts you at risk for root rot.
I agree with @MeganO . Just up to a 3 or 4” pot. It’ll definitely thrive!!
Kitty is absolutely adorable! Excited to see the new growth she will have after you repot!
Thanks everyone! Going to find her a new little pot today.

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