Posted 2Y ago by @HotLeadplant

Is my plants doing fine with some dry leaves?

3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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@HotLeadplant Browning, drying fronds: suggest your Blue Star Fern has been underwatered, exposed to dry air or burnt by direct sunlight.

How to revive it, If the plant goes into shock remove any dying leaves and keep the plant in a warm, humid and light location. Wrapping the potted division in a clear plastic bag tied at the top with string creates humidity, reducing critical water loss. Remove the bag after a few days.

EDIT: The reason ferns lose leaves is because of low humidity and dry soil. Indoor ferns are tropical plants that require high humidity and consistently moist soil. If the humidity is too low or the soil is too dry, ferns drop their leaves as a survival strategy to reduce further water loss.

Over-watering symptoms include yellowed fronds, rotten rhizomes and a general decline in health. These issues are commonly the product of too little heat or light, waterlogging or an overly-large pot used during the repotting process.