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Greg is telling me I need to water Pico every 12 days. However, I have read in other places to not water cacti in the winter. What do I do? (it’s winter but the temperature is mild here) #NewGrowth
3” pot without drainage
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12 days is a bit much for a cactus, especially not in their growing season
I use a soil moisture needle as a second check on my finicky plants. You can honestly just use a knitting needle, stick it into the soil, and if none of the soil sticks to the needle then the soil is completely dry. You can snooze the cactus on the watering to do by sliding it from right to left. It will remind you in 3 days, but a good time to check the soil again.
I like this app, but I'm also getting a lot of water reminders for plants that definitely do not need it. I just hit snooze instead when the reminder pops up.
Just be sure to check the soil 😊 with colder temperatures and less sunlight it takes a little longer for things to dry out. If the soil is dry before Greg tells you to water, then go ahead and water and Greg will start to adjust your watering routine. The more you water and track it on the app, the more accurate it will be, but it’s up to you to determine whether it actually needs to be watered or not. I’d make sure it gets plenty of light and let the soil dry out in between waterings. A moisture meter can be really helpful in determining how dry the soil really is. Good luck! 😁
Definitely wait
Im having the same thing with my ZZ plant. I always check the soil before watering and if it’s not ready I just hit snooze. If the soil is super dry, you might be able to water it but I think it’s usually better to underwater than overwater.