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Losing hope….
I’m scared I think my plant is done for. It’s green but not what I was expecting. Maybe I’m being impatient. Also are these roots bad and what are this little brown things? Should I pick them?
Cilantro like moist soil but too much will cause it to wilt. You put that there’s no drainage which is probably adding to the problem. I would repot to something with drainage. Let the roots dry a bit before repotting and cut off any that are brown and mushy.
This plant looks fine to me, maybe a little over watered if anything but otherwise healthy. The little brown 'strings' look like older roots so you don't need to pluck them out. I would make sure it's getting enough sun, is in a pot with drainage, and that all the roots are covered by the dirt. She should be just fine
I’m using a tera cotta pot with a drainage hole and drains pretty well. Should I still repot?
@Bitterswet If it does have draining, ignore repotting it, @GardenWitch just thought that it didn’t have draining because when we go to your profile and look at the plants details it says “no drainage.”
@Bitterswet listen to @Blananaba. Your original post of the plant said no drainage but if it does have drainage then disregard the repotting suggestion. @tmbryant37 is also right, at most a bit overwatered but this plant by no means is a lost cause.

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