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#echeveria Any tips & advice?

I'm waiting on a cutting of My Echo -vera 🀣as I call them Any advice greatly appreciated I hope I can do good husbandry with her
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In my experience echeveria can never have too much light, and the more light the more color it will have. Also, if they don’t have enough light they’ll get super leggy and lose their cute little flower shape. Just like with other succulents let it get bone dry before watering. I love my echeverias so good luck with yours!!!
Before you cut mak sure you have a small pot ready for the head lol and the ones you break off too or just a big pot for all of it and try not to over water
Also make sure the cuttings completely scab over before putting them in a pot
My advice would be not overwater and to make sure it gets lots and lots of sun!

I wouldn't repot right away unless absolutely necessary. It's best to leaf it alone for a little while and allow it to acclimate to your care. οΏΌοΏΌοΏΌ(:
Thank you for the advice I'll do that 😍
Thanks so much I'm waiting any day now for the cutting I'll try my best hope all goes well πŸ’š
Great thank you it's a cutting I'm waiting on any day now I'll share pics when I get my lil one πŸ’š
Duh - it's a cutting. You TYPED that. πŸ€ͺ Then you can just put lay it on some soil and watch it GROW! 🌱🌱
Yay great πŸ‘πŸΌ it's not arrived in today's Post so if not tomorrow be Monday I do like the look of these succulents πŸ’š