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#ChaoticPlainsUpdates I finally got my homework done in time to make a post for #WhatTheSuccWednesday!!!

🌱 Peridot is doing surprisingly well! Last time I had a plant in a jar I killed it (RIP Ani). No new growth (she’s unsurprisingly slow). The only thing is she’s been dropping leaves (IN A NORMAL WAY!!). I think she likes the grow light too! #ZebraHaworthiopsis #HaworthiaFasciata #Haworthia

🌱 Ruby is doing better. I didn’t post about it but she was REALLY wobbly. I wanted people to see how big she was, I forgot that she needed to be stable. So I added more soil and she’s good! No issues so far, but no new growth either. She seems to be doing well with the grow light. #MoonCactus

🌱 Pearl is my new plant! And I didn’t even know she was a succulent! She’s been stretching out more which I think is normal for her (she’s a stonecrop). But fun fact! Sedum is a genus of Crassulaceae which is a family of succulents! Anyway, she’s doing pretty good. The grow light is making things a lot easier for her. #Sedum #plantfacts #FunFact

🪴Anyway, that’s all!
#SucculentSquad #Succulents #Succulent #Cactus #CactusClique #Cacti
Looking good!
Glad your plants are doing well. 🪴
They’re all looking great! Good job! 🤗💖
The little red head is so cute
Look at your plants go! Sometimes just being stable is a good thing. New growth will come...sooner or later.
@ChaosPlains your plants are looking good. 💕💕🥰🥰💯💯

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