Posted 3M ago by @NativeBrakefern

My leaves are bent. Is this normal?

2ft to light, indirect
15” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
What do you mean by bent?
Could u show me a picture
I think it’s leaning toward a light source, you could try either securing it to a stick (if there is enough stalk to lash to the stick) or you could rotate the pot so the other side gets more light. I have a dwarf umbrella palm, it does the same thing.
My guess would be a watering issue (too much or too little), and light. Mine likes being watered well when it gets almost completely dry. And they will reach for light, so as @Momof83ans said you want to rotate it regularly. Maybe move it closer to a window. These also get long and leggy and you can prune them to encourage branching and more bushy-ness β˜€οΈ
They love bright, direct light if you can and will grow towards it so they need to be rotated. Only water once every couple weeks.
It's hard to tell but they do get top heavy...I have mine attached to a stake
It needs water and more light. Try sitting it outside where it gets light through the tree's.