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Calathea not opening back up :(
I’ve had this calathea for around a week. A couple of days after I got it, I noticed it closed up normally at night but then it didn’t open back up the next day. I gave it some water thinking it might be thirsty but that doesn’t seem to of helped (it’s been a couple of days since). Does anyone know why it’s not opening? It’s in a spot where it doesn’t get too much light (more than a few feet from a window). Thanks! 🪴
@Ashpoole When the plant 'prays' at night, the leaves are not folding, they stay kind of upright. When leaves curl up that means the plant gets too much light and/or the air is very dry around it. Calatheas don't like much light, even a little of indirect is enough for them to be happy. They show it immediately so it is easy to move them to a different spot where leaves unfold again in an hour or so.
To raise humidity around your plant, you can use a humidifier or stand the pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water. Make sure the plant itself is not standing in water!
All Calatheas can close their leaves at night, no matter the species. It's an innate response that has evolved to help plants conserve energy during periods when they're less active and exposed to lower light levels like those found in the evening or on cloudy days.
@Ms.Persnickety thank you! I’ve moved it to a shaded spot so hopefully that helps 😊
@Ashpoole Fingers crossed 🤞, good luck 👍

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