Posted 6M ago by @ConstructiveKoa

This little dude has been steadily declining. Any idea as to why? It gets diffused light most of the day and I have stuck to the watering schedule. Sure would like to save it
6” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
Maybe check for pests or root rot? I also have an emerald ripple peperomia but he’s been healthy so I am so, so sorry if this doesn’t help! Wishing the best! β™₯οΈπŸ€—
@Nightshade I’ll check every little thing. Do you think the pot is too big?
@ConstructiveKoa It might be, mine is much bigger and also in a 6” pot.
@ConstructiveKoa I really hope it helps! β™₯️β™₯️
The pot looks way too big for the size of the plant. Wet feet equals root rot. I always like to remind myself to wait a couple days after the top 2 inches of soil dries off then to rewater.
Peperonias like to be somewhat rootbound. And well draining soil.
The pot that it’s in is probably taking it a while for it to dry out in between watering.
@HiPlantGuy I agree there!
@HiPlantGuy Oh yeah I didn’t even take that into consideration! If the first around is all watered it would take ages to dry the tiny plant.
This is mine in a 4 inch pot and it’s been doing so well for me. In bright indirect light. Only being watered when soil is dry.
I agree with @HiPlantGuy - I think a smaller pot with drainage and a well-draining soil will help your plant so much, David.

The good thing is, you can keep propagating those peperomias with leaf cuttings so if your plant takes a nosedive, you can take some leaves and put them in water. In a few weeks, they'll grow a new set of roots and they'll look better in no time!
A smaller pot might help!
This is my peperomia, he’s in a 6” pot around 5’ from the south facing window. It’s bright but indirect and I keep him in a greenhouse under a grow light.
@HiPlantGuy I’m jealous! Thanks for the info. I’ll get him repotted tomorrow
@sarahsalith thanks and good advice about propagation
Ok smaller pot, better drainage. You got this Little Dude!
Isn’t she lovely?

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