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Hello there, #GregGang! πŸ‘‹πŸ½
I made a post yesterday talking about starting a new community on #Greg called #PlantingOnABudget!

If you would like to read more:

❗️I’m sure there are many people out there like me that always dreamt of their own greenhouse at home, but prices of plants and pots were just too overwhelming to even think about owning *any* plants. Well, by creating this community, I’d like to let folks know that you don’t need much, or at all, to start your own collection of plants! 🌿✨

πŸ’ΈThis community is all about #PlantingOnABudget! Anything from low-cost to no-cost ways to get plants, pots, #GrowLights, #Greenhouse, #OutdoorGrowing and #DealAlert thanks to our amazing @AwesomePlants! I’d appreciate it if the community participated in posting about your low to no-cost ways or finds!

πŸ“ΈI’ll start! All my #PropagationStation bottles were purchased at #DollarTree! Depending on where you are, they tend to have an amazing selection on glass vases/containers. I snagged these when I saw them and they were perfect for what I needed them; Propagating. (images 1-3). Picture 4 is a spray bottle and a little watering bottle I also got from #DollarTree. Makes watering and misting so much easier. I use several different spray bottles for different needs. Water for misting, Water & Isopropyl for killing gnats on sight, etc. Picture 5 is a milk glass thingy I picked up from a Goodwill! Only $2 and I use it for my #Monstera props! 🌿✨
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omg i love this! let me get some pics of stuff i get at the dollar store. target also has that 5$ and below section that i frequently go to for plant stuff
@annapop Yes! I was about to comment this cute rolling cart I got at #Target for my smaller props! Only $5! πŸ’Έβœ¨
Well I like reuse bottles we have at the house (Gatorade/water). My syngonium was a REALLY big prop so I used a flower vase for it. I have been collecting rain water every time it rains for the plants. They love it! And i just reused containers from apple juice, coffee grounds, my smoothies and a gallon from spring water i was using. I try to use what I got on hand as much as possible. 😊
got the shot glasses from the dollar tree, for corms and nodes, the little dome thing for my propagations that i wanna keep moist, also from the dollar tree. the little storage containers were 2$ from target (gonna use for water props or drill holes for my tiny plants) the plastic pots come in a pack of 2 for 5$ and they are super sturdy and well made (with drainage hole!) and the hanging pot was from target as well for 5&:) i love finding cheap plant stuff:)
besides cramming a bunch of water props into old mason jars and bowls, we also use egg crates. the egg crates allow me to separate some things by type, such as corms or succulent leaves
@LatiTish84 Yesss girl! I also reuse water/Gatorade bottles! I have gnat traps I use Powerade bottles for!
@annapop These are all amazing ways to use these products! Love your innovative thinking ✨😁
@sierrac Love the egg carton idea for small gift for kids, seedling transplanting, propagating, ALL OF IT! 🀍🀍✨
@kscape this is an AMAZING thread!!Im in love with that milk bottle. These are all great ideas!
I am very new to gardening and I’m definitely spending too much (part of why I joined) but I’ll offer what I’m guessing people already know:
4” terra cotta pots at lowes are cheap 1
$1.5 and if you want a saucers it’s like a $1.2 you can avoid saucers in my opinion by watering outside and when you bring them just lay a piece of plastic/cardboard/piece of paper over where you set them so 1.5 bucks for pot is not terrible and terra cotta seems great for succulents at least
Soil can definitely get expensive and I haven’t tried yet (next year) but you can definitely make your own for cheaper (and customize for your needs)
Shopping around and waiting for sales is important I found a potting kit for $9 on Amazon I’ve seen people sell potting kits with less tools and no carrying case for $14+ and I’ve seen a plant be $17 at one online store and $7 at the other
Having friends helps, I got a few pots for free from a friend

I’d also try to find trades in your community as well ie I have an 8” pot and will for x plant or x sized pot, gardening like most things i find is heavily influenced by being able to network/socialize (having said that I am the most reclusive shut in person ever I’m shocked im not wearing Kleenex boxes for shoes yet)
Love this! Im always looking for cheap planters. I hit the thrift store on occasion for old pie plates and the like to use as drain trays! I can usually get some nice big ones for a buck each.
Thrift stores are treasure troves. I use old coke bottles or vases or yogurt jars as props, bought a whole stack of coffee cup saucers for $4. Also see garage sales for terracotta. I’ve also found 6” plastic self watering style pots for $2 but then I do that so I can get a $30 calathea πŸ˜‚
One more tip from me, if your pot is taller than your plants and roots just throw some rocks or packing peanuts in the bottom of@your pot you don’t need soil 3 inches below your roots (unless you think it will grow roots three inches down before you repot) this might be a succulent thing as their roots tend to be pretty short and if you need a screen for your drainage hole I’ve been using screen door repair kits from lowes four bucks for 7 square (and you can cut them in half to cover the hole of a four inch pot) not sure if that’s a good deal or not
Definitely don’t sleep on Five Below and Goodwill! I find soooo many cute little planters (or covers) from Goodwill. And the white β€œplant stand” came from Five Below as a backyard tray.
Garage sales, trade days, junk/picker stores, antique shops, craft fairs.... Can score cheap, cool, recycled/repurposed/reused jars, vases etc. Also I reuse nice glass containers for props ( ie jam / mason jars). Oh and I hit up the reduced for quick sale usually dead plants at Lowes and Home Depot....for the pots sometimes - like a dead plant in a cute 2$ pot....
@kscape any tips where to find a cheap wire rack? I’m thinking about stalking goodwills for a bit
@Lithopslover I’ve found several at Goodwill actually! I have them in my backyard but they’re great for storing plant props. Or check garage sales!
@Mick1437 I looooove Five Below for their plant decor honestly!! They also carry very cute pots and plant stands! Ooo and lights to decorate your plant shelves/cabinets!
This is so cool! We recently went to goodwill and I got a few pots- I was shocked to see a LIVE SUCCULENT just chilling in the pot section for $4 and a pot. Didn’t get him because I always kill those types of succs, but I hope he finds a new home! Gave him some water in the bathroom to tide him over. 😊
@tango That is so sweet of you awww πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή
@kscape I was terrified for his life. πŸ˜… he was looking sad. There was a password on the bathroom!!! 🀯
This is a great tag, #GregGang is always looking for ways to save money in the plant community πŸͺ΄βœ¨πŸ’š #seedsaving #ClearanceSectionRescueBabies #Goodwillfinds #ThriftStoreFinds #FrugalPlantParent #PlantingOnABudget
@kdawg I use those baker's racks, got mine at Walmart.
A cheap way for a grow light. I took an old standard lamp removed the base and attached to a wall with a $5 grown light bulb from Walmart and voila. πŸ’‘
A friend just gave me another standard lamp that I'm going to rewire and use as a grow light.
The first pic is the lamp I attached to the wall with a grow light bulb. the 2nd and 3rd pics show them lamp I'm going to rewire.
I reuse bottles (as you see in my props) I will be going to dollar tree and see what I can utilize!! I didn’t think about it!
I think you should have a look at #TeamCan as well!
Take some on your daily neighbor walks πŸ˜‚. Or when you go to the beach! I’ve (tried) to get some cool plants on my trips to the beach!
I love this and am scared it will make me spend more with all these great finds! Now I can’t wait to go thrifting for pretty glass propagation bottles
@kscape oh I forgot about that store! I think one opened up near me.
Used to go to Big lots too. Everything in those stores is very seasonal around though & the items get bought up quickly as lots of gardeners in my area (more veg/fruit types though)
Anyway, I’m on the hunt for a plant stand that’s under $90. It’s also for a small corner.
@Nallon I loooove #TeamCan! Tagged them in the post that’s linked! πŸ₯ΉπŸ’•
@Vinxy2 I used to go to Big Lots a lot but they closed it down! Now we have a Hobby Lobby, a lil pricey but they have some good discounted items! 😌
@kscape you can thank @Hypsie and myself for that one! All a complete happy accident! 🀣🌱
@Nallon I thank both of y’all @Hypsie! Great idea and honestly an aesthetic way to display our plant babies πŸ₯Ή I had my little Venus in a cute can before repotting her 🌱✨
@kscape I feel so dumb that I never even thought of looking for pots/vases/containers at the Dollar Store or Flea Market! πŸ˜‚ Good thing I had you to smack my (metaphorically)up the side of the head to realize what I'm missing out on!!! Thanks for the huge reminder!😊
@AuntChicken Awww don’t say that! It’s all good 😌 that’s what I’m here foooor! πŸ˜‰πŸ’•
Love this! I also have picked up perfect propagation jars are goodwill or its a great way to repurpose old spice jars!

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