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Yellow leaf 🟑

Hey! Diana has got a leaf turning very yellow - does anyone know why? Or how I can help the leaf get back to a lovely shade of green? πŸ’šπŸŒ± #ChineseEvergreen #yellowleaf #helpneeded #NewPlantMom
4ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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Hi Emily πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ it looks like it might just be an old leaf getting ready to drop hun... I wouldn't be too concerned just yet tbh 😊

I very much doubt (whatever the cause) that it's going to go back to being that lush, dark green colour I'm afraid!

You can simply trim the leaf (about 3 centimetres from the stem is recommended) if it bothers you... But if it's just an old leaf I would leave it personally. It won't "drain" resources from Diana, quite the contrary in fact! She'll be sucking all the sugars and minerals from it in preparation for it dying off completely!

If your she remains dry for too long, the bottom leaves CAN turn brown or yellow... So my next check would be her watering schedule.

The Aglaonema doesn't easily suffer from discoloured leaves tbh, but should the upper leaves turn yellowish,Β it's advisable to move the plant further from the window, because that's most likely a light issue.

The other reason I tend to leave yellowing leaves alone is that, if it's not age causing it, the leaves give you a good indicator of her overall health health... So if more start to change colour (especially her newer leaves!) you know you have an issue that needs tending to. It's the plants way of signalling to us that they have a problem (outside of simple ageing if course! 🀣) xx
Thanks so much @JenniB81! Great suggestions and tips - and reassuring it’s a normal thing. I’ll take your advice and leave it be 😁

Much appreciated!!! X
I'm glad I could help Emily! πŸ₯° It certainly looks like just an old leaf from here... But if anything changes like newer leaves yellowing, if she starts going a bit droopy or you start to see brown patches on other leaves or something like that... Post again (you can tag me directly if you like to be sure I see it! 😊) and we'll work out what's going on! Xxx