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Air plants and lights
Between these two air plants does either of them look like their not getting enough sun? The kne on the left has become bushier/wider since I got him the kne kn right has maintained its shape
These are the same plants, right? You have one by a window and one on a table, right?

I think the one that has spread out is getting a fair amount of light and is growing and expanding. (:
Thanks for the tag, @Marthamaywho92 😁
@sarahsalith that’s very interesting the spread out one is much farther from the light than the other one 🤔 the spread out one is also getting a lot more like crystals on it (they get equal bathing time)
@Lithopslover MAYBE it's spreading to GET more light? 🤷‍♀️
@sarahsalith I’m not sure I want the table plant to live to justify raising an air plant army :/. I’ll just have try to give it another month
Like most plants, if air plants aren’t getting enough light, they’ll spread out their leaves to get more light. I would move it to a brighter location.
Better yet, if you get good sun in your bathroom, put it there. It will love the extra moisture as well. I’ve got 3 in my bathroom and they’ve tripled in size since I’ve gotten them.
@DanDeLión no light in my bathroom sadly :(, sounds like no air plant army this year for me
Don’t give up!
You can do it, you just have to find the right spot in your home.😉👍🏾
I have a question, @DanDeLión - does that mean that this air plant isn't getting enough light? @Lithopslover's experiment is making me question my plants.
@DanDeLión any ideas why the one farther from window (the bushier one) has a started to develop a lot more crystals on it? (that’s why it looks almost white compared to other plant). @sarahsalith I’m not sure how relevant this is but these are blushing brides

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