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New grow lights !
Hey guys ! So , I just moved my plants away from the windows bcus it will soon start to get cold (upstate New York) and I just ordered these grow lights , will be here today .. what is the recommendation on the light settings for a daily basis ??? Thank you in advance & happy planting !! #GrowLights
Btw , plant hanging on the wall is a fake πŸ€ͺ
It depends on what the intensity of the light is and what your plants needs are. I want to say at least 6 hours is the average
@MrsCannelli I use a 12 hour setting on all of mine.
@MrsCannelli I’m about to do the same in the next few weeks. Orange County NY here.
So they have 8 different settings of intensity..
@jcPlantProper they have 8 different settings so I’m confused πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜«
I also posted a pic of the plants .. would be using it for my elephant ear and monstera as well
@MrsCannelli start low and increase every week or so so you don’t burn the plants. 6-12inches away too from what I’ve read.

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