Posted 3w ago by @MaestroTwister

Should I remove this leaf? If so do I remove the stem? I treated with neem oil a week ago.
I would just cut the damage off. It’s still providing did the plant. The aging leaf, you can chop it or wait until the plant drops it.
@MaestroTwister are you sure it was a pest issue? Your plant information says the pot is without drainage. This can cause this damage. Sorry to repeat this information if you have all ready checked the soy and roots.
Also sorry to add, with your question regarding cutting the leafs, I would trim of the damage parts. If the leafs are yellow then remove close to the stem. If it’s only partially brown then just remove this as the green will still photosynthesize and create energy for the plant. When new growth comes then I would trim then. Plants are not perfect, but for aesthetic’s then trim the petiole near the stem. 
@MaestroTwister I agree with @Gordo on this.
@Gordo the pot does have drainage sorry I need to fix that information. The soil is not over watered.
I will cut the damaged leaf. Newest leaves at the bottom are yellow and I am not seeing any sort of new growth.

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