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General question about watering
When looking at guidance online, the majority of plants I have say to "water deeply until water runs through the drainage hole" but Greg's recommended watering amount is way less water than what it would take to run out the drainage hole. I'm not sure what the best strategy for watering is. Bottom water using the Greg recommended amount?
pleasssseee tag me when this has been answered thank you
@rynroxx I sure will! Glad I'm not alone in my confusion!
@didikillit just my two cents; pretty sure it depends on the plant and how drainy the soil is
I believe Greg tries to recommend the basic requirements for watering your specific plant. It also take your location, medium, lighting, pot in mind, which can vary your watering regime!

It also depends where your plant is placed in your home, or outside. It is all an estimate to better fit your watering routine.

As you continue to care and water your plants on Greg, the app will learn from your watering routine and will essentially work around you and your plants! 🪴

Keep in mind that Greg learns about you and your plants, as you use the app 🤗

If you don’t think your plant needs watering, and Greg says it does, then you can take a look at your plant’s leaves (if they’re wrinkly or mushy) or the soil if it needs watering. If your plant does not need watering, you can snooze the watering for your plant in your plant card, and then come back to it whenever you water your plant.

Or if it does need watering, before or after Greg notifies you, then you can go ahead and mark your plant as “watered”, and Greg will learn from there!

Forgot to add: I personally water my plants by #ButtChug! Take a container that is bigger than your pot, fill with water halfway, and place your plant in there, *gently*. I leave my plant in there for 8-10 minutes to let it soak up the water, remove it and place back in its place 🤗

Make sure not to leave to TOO long as it will cause root rot!
@rynroxx @didikillit
@kscape Thanks much!
Dang. @kscape just said it all!! You're gonna take Drew's job! 😉

Cassandra, I have been one of those who watered until it came out the bottom. My soil is well-draining and I always add perlite to my soil. (I'm a former overwaterer.)

Now, Greg has changed the amounts of water so it's easy to understand and measure. You can still water deeply- I still do it with some plants.

Really, I pay attention to the suggestions to water, not necessarily the amount to water. Some of my pots don't have drainage, and I water them more carefully. Some of my pots are in self-watering pots and I just fill them back up.

😁 I hope that helps y'all. @rynroxx
@sarahsalith haha! I have a LOT of time on my hands 🤭😉 @RJG if you need help, I’m here 🤭🤣💕
Hmm, strange. I usually water less than what Greg recommends and water usually still comes out the drainage holes. I think the amount is mostly based on the size of container. My 12” pots usually get 3 1/2 cups water, the frequency may have to do with the species, lighting, etc…

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