Posted 2M ago by @RaijaV

I just noticed that the soil level of my dracaena has gon...

8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Add more soil to your dracaena, (topping off). Bottom soaking to water plants works for me and I don't need to top off my plants hardly at all.
I use a huge stainless steel bowl and soak the plant for an hour and if it's heavy I sit it in the sink to drain completely. Hope this helps.
If it's not an overfull pot with the soil being rinsed out, we assume there were no large air pockets in the soil from a recent replanting, and there are no pets at play, I would check the pot size. Often as the roots increase in density in the pot, the soil "disappears" over time. More specifically, there are more roots in the pot but somehow less soil like the plant is actually consuming it.

It could be time to go up a size.