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How do i fertilize my plant

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I just started using We The Wild and my plants seem to love it. Highly recommend!
I use a liquid fertilizer! I follow the instructions on the bottle for mixing into water and use it to water my plants every two weeks or once a month depending on their lighting and growth rate
Get some liquid fertilizer I use PURIVED. You drop one capful into a gallon of water and you water your plants and that’s how you fertilize your plants. The easy way you can also buy those fertilizer sticks, but I don’t like those. They remind me of worms when they’re eating up and done dissolve. They still look like fuzzy worms, so I stopped using them suggestion
@HotDragonwing I just starting using We the Wild and I have an Arrowhead plant myself, I can already tell a big difference in my plant and it’s been forever looking the same exact size and such.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜