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help! my spider plant is stuck in its pot
hello! So I received this spider plant from a friend a couple weeks ago because he was moving and it had been neglected for a little so he gave it to me. It hadn’t been watered in a while, but now I think I definitely over-watered it. The pot doesn’t have any drainage holes. Many leaves are turning yellow and wilting - I had left it for a few days because I didn’t have time to repot it but it’s getting worse by the day.

I finally got some soil from a friend yesterday, and I tried to take it out of the pot but it’s stuck! It just won’t come out of the pot. I was literally holding it upsidown and shaking it, but nothing happened except getting more dirt on my floor lol (don’t ask me why I decided to attempt to do this inside)
Not sure if that’s due to root rot, just overgrowth, or something else, but I’m unable to take the plant out to check the roots.

I just covered the roots back up with soil for now, but does anyone have suggestions? I also finally cut one of the babies and started propagating it so I have a backup at least.

EDIT: I made an update post! Click on my hashtag (honeybees) to see all of my posts :-) #spiderplant #honeybees
So I would get a screw driver and push it through the bottom of the pot and try and dislodge it.
Sounds to me like it is super pot bound and the roots have attached to the bottom “thing” in the pot. (I’ve had it happen before.)
You can actually take a sanitized knife and cut it down the middle. That should allow you to get it out. As spiders love to be in close quarters you could break it down and have 2 plants or put in all in one about 2” bigger.
It’s common, don’t stress and spider plants can take a good beating. Get a sharp flexible knife and run it around the edge of the inside of the pot a few times. Yes you will hurt a few roots but this girl has plenty so don’t stress.
They have really big tuberous roots, so they can handle a bit of neglect better than they can over watering. I think it might be worth it to change the pot to one with drainage so it's easier to deal with in the future.
Can you cut the pot with a serrated knife or shears? Maybe drill some holes in the bottom for drainage?

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