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What do you grow outdoors?
It never looks like much this early on, but this morning before 7:30a I got our last two veggie beds filled and mulched, then mulched around the beds. All that's left is the pollinator / cutting garden in the middle and then it's just succession planting from here on out!

The plan / dream is that some day instead of these little guys we have huge beds on the land behind, as well as an orchard, berries, cut flowers and some bees 🐝

Do you grow things outside where you live? I wanna see!!
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@PlantMompy I wanted to start a flower garden this year but with my health issues I haven’t been able too. I also wanted to grow tomatoes πŸ…, potatoes πŸ₯”, onions πŸ§…, and corn 🌽.
You can grow all those but corn in grow bags! They are way easier than a garden and just like tending to your indoor plants! I did cherry tomatoes in a bucket for my step dad last year because he broke his leg and couldn't walk for 3+ months, then movement was slow after so at least he could walk from the bed to the porch to "garden!"

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