Posted 3w ago by @Sxlli

Are they suppose to look like that?..
I tryed putting them on soil but gave up now I took off the outer layer and they are green and weir purple and tbh don't look that good.. Those are alocasia ✨polly✨ corms.. So i thought they might look like that at some point but oh well does anybody know if they are rotting? I'm seeing growth tho I think
They don't look too be rotting to me. If you can get some sphagnum moss, I see a lot of people using that for rooting these guys (:
Don't forget to add some relevant hashtags to your posts when you have room, btw. It really helps with getting responses! (:
@WickedValkyrie oh okay never thought about that thanks xD and I'll try moss too
Hey no problem, I like to help when I can (:
@Sxlli I agree with @WickedValkyrie on sphagnum moss 💯. Here is a YouTube video for it.
@KikiGoldblatt @WickedValkyrie actually I think I'm making a little experiment 🌚✨ I have some more bulbs I'll put them in different mediums and see if anything grows hahah
Plant experiments are my favourite thing! I do it frequently. Thinking of them as a science experiment also helps me not feel so sad if they fail. Lol 🙃🖤

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