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propagating satin pothos
i’ve had this satin pothos (exotica i think?) for a while and this one vine in particular has grown pretty long and i’m thinking about propagating it but like in the picture below im not sure where i should cut it or if i should wait for the new leaf to unfurl?
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If you are unsure where to snip a pothos for propagation, i would recommend cutting stem so that there is one leaf for every node. (image)

I have propagated some “top” cuttings with some unfurled leaves and they just seem to ‘pause’ their grow and start focusing on roots. basically meaning it’ll just take longer to grow some new leaves.
Also, to find a “node” look on the stem and located where the leaf stem meets the parent stem, there should be a tiny little brown nub. these are called “aerial roots”. the plant develops these as more structural support when they grow long enough to find a place to root in.
@philoboi is totally correct! Look for a node and then plop it in some water. No need to wait for a leaf to unfurl—I’ve had pothos grow new leaves while propping!

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