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#SpiderPlant ? Can anyone help With what type of spiderplant i just savet from my mother?
@KikiGoldblatt you have lots of spider plants, have you seen one that's this light before?

Lilli- you have a beautiful plant! I've never seen one like that. (:
Ooooo it’s so pretty but a spider plant's leaves can become pale or limp when it has been overwatered, exposed to too much light (indoors), rootbound, suffering from a nitrogen deficiency, damaged by frost or sunburned, or there may be a pest infestation.
@Mjaubeibi40 @sarahsalith I have never experienced that with any of mine. I have gotta go with what @Good says.

If your spider plant is losing its green color, it is not able to absorb enough energy from the sun to keep it healthy and vigorous. Most commonly this bleaching of the leaves is caused by too much sunlight. With too much sun, our skin tans or burns, but sunburn in plants causes leaves to bleach and blanch.

When the leaves of your spider plant turn pale or yellow, it is most likely because your plant is not getting enough light. What is this? Variegated spider plants can even lose their white stripes entirely and revert back to solid green when in low light for too long.
@KikiGoldblatt It has not been exposed to any sun :) and underwatered too. I will show it when it has recovered.
Lilli- i found this:

But it looks like you have a unique plant on your hands. πŸ’š
I am curious - it was a cuttings my mother got :)

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