Posted 1M ago by @DandyDunewillow

Why are the leafs like this it’s a spicy Jane pepper

Hmm droopy leaves are sometimes sign of lack of water. That would be the easy fix. And considering it’s size I assume it’s taken a while to get there. Give a drink and maybe it will perk up.
@AgaveSon I water it every morning and after toon when the shade hits I actually think I water it to much
Hmmm… interesting. Well the leaves and stalk look strong and healthy. Might be something that works itself out. can’t imagine a raised garden has much pest or sick. Was it a recent transplant? Might be a lil shock. I grow peppers too. And would like to see how this develops.
@AgaveSon it was transplanted a week ago and some leafs fell off but it’s overall doing fine I just need to not overwater it and there is a bloom which is a sign of good health ❀️