Posted 4w ago by @Niz

My calla lilly is turning yellow
Little by little my beautiful baby is turning yellow idk what i need to do please help
I've killed a Calla lily before. 🥺 They like to be in boggy soil. They like to be a little on the wet side. they also like bright dappled light- they are often found outside in flowerbeds in wetter areas. 
@sarahsalith she was doing soo good and then i added some indoor plant food and her leaves started turning yello like she had half more of the leaves ahe has now .. i botom water her idk what else to do.. im gonna take her home and repot her she is super dear to me it was a gift from a very good friend
@Niz I hope your plants can make a good comeback. Perhaps it just wasn't ready for the plant food. I think repotting the plant and offering it new soil is the best course of action.

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