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Hi everyone!
I was checking on my blue star fern and removing some dead leaves/fronds from her pot, but then I noticed that she might have had some mold on one of the dead fronds. I tried to get a pic, but the patches were so small that my camera didn’t want to take a picture hahaha. There were 2-3 small patches that looked blue-ish/grey-ish in color, and it looks like little hairs are sticking out. I also noticed that my fern had small white dots on most/all of the fronds that would come off if I gently scratched at it. I am wondering if this is mold as well? I recently set up a pebble tray for her as I thought she needed some more humidity, but I don’t want to be contributing to any further mold growth. Does anyone know what these things are and how I should go about getting rid of them if necessary? Thanks!
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9ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Sometimes mold will develop on the dead parts left on the plant too long. You can remove dead or dying fronds sooner to avoid mold and mildew from forming. You can also swab with white vinegar on a Qtip to remove any mold that may have grown on healthy leaves. As far as the white spots they are totally normal on blue star. Here’s some info and a pic. β€œOn occasion your plant will grow and produce very visible spores on the underside of the fronds that can be shocking when you first notice them. They start off as raised white spots or bumps before becoming dark brown and contrasting heavily with the greeny blue of the leaves. They can also look like pests!” The spores start out white and turn brown.
I don’t have this fern but I agree it looks like mold. Maybe take away the extra humidity and see how it does. I see it has you listed as Maryland…. Do you plan to put this outside as soon as the weather allows? If so I’d see how it does outside. I’m in PA and my macho ferns have about had it inside. They always battle me with additional browning etc right before we get close to ok temps for them to be outside. This week looks decent during the day. I might start sitting them out during the day and bringing them in at night. They do 1000% better outside.
You can use neem oil mixed with Castile soap and water in a spray bottle. It’s the best!
@MariansOasis Thanks so much! I looked at the fronds more closely and it looks like some of the white dots are in a pattern like typical spores, so I hope this is what they are!
@KDkat3 Thanks! I definitely stick my ferns outside when it starts to get warmer - the love the (excessive) Maryland humidity. I think I’ll try to put her outside this week during the day, so hopefully this helps! I appreciate your help :)
@SuperblyLilac I’ll definitely try that! Thanks :)