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Is this good lighting?

So my Hawaiian Ti plant was a rescue. It was on verge of dying. Its neen over a month transplanted in new spoil/pot cuz it was rootbound. Now its doing well, its growing. But problem is the new leaves are green instead of pink. I read its because its not getting enough light. (I had it Quarantine until I got it healthy so it was 10 ft away from light source. About a 2 wks ago, i moved it closer to windows and added grow lights. Still producing green leaves. U can see its closeness to window and the lights....What is happening? Anyone know? #hawaiiantiplant #help #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planthelp #tiplant
20ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
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Cordyline plants will produce green foliage, even the Florida Red, Red Sister, and Hawaiian Boy, @shopofhorrors. This is not necessarily due to low-LIGHTing, the lower leaves grow in like this and will darken to a black-looking, burgundy-looking "green." Don't be disheartened, if you've corrected the poor care regimen problems it previously experienced and have now located your plantbaby in a low-to-moderate LIGHTing atmosphere with a WATERing cycle conducive to its growth/health, you'll soon see the luscious reds you're expecting.

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@JustPlainDee thank you. I'm a new plant parent so im doing the best i can! I dont have much windows in this nyc apt. So i wanna make sure all my plants thrive!
Let GrowLights become your best friend, @shopofhorrors ...NO Worries. Most hybrids and cultivars are created INside a laboratory, never experiencing sunLIGHT until they get shipped to a nursery then make it to a home. Artificial LIGHTing can be a great substitute, ohkay?

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