Posted 2w ago by @PixelLadybug

Aloe Vera pests?

I am concerned that my Aloe Vera has some pests on it. There are holes in the leaves and what appear to be (eggs?) Around the lumps are discoloration. Also I’ve noticed itsy bitsy black dots scattered on its leaves. Two more things is that some leaves have been curling up and the tips of the leaves keep dying. I want to know what to do and if this is just normal or if I can help it.
Best Answer
Hi! Some of the spots could be from other leaves puncturing each other as it grows, but with the shape, I am guessing that you might have a pest problem. If you do have a pest, it would explain the leaf tips as well. As for getting rid of the pest, you could take it into the shower and spray the crap out of it with some pest killer or captain jacks deadbug. You could also try neem oil as well but it's works better as a preventative
@AcidRain Thank you, I appreciate the help!