Posted 10M ago by @Hypsie

Friggin cats 😈
But with the bad comes good, I hope? I didn’t get a pic but I think there is finally some new growth about to push up. Does new growth look like upside down white roots growing upwards? Wish I took pics but they were short, pointy, thick new growths?

My fault for leaving it on the table.

No cats were harmed. I really do love them.💚

#CaletheaCrew #RattlesnakePlant #Goeppertia #PlantDown #PetsOfGreg #CatsOfGreg #badcatsofgreg #PlantsBehavingBadly #NewGrowth
11ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Yep… Cats. I think they’re trying to tell you to put a cat tree by that window 😆 I have a whole window that I can’t even use for plants because the cats have claimed it. It’s our unspoken compromise - so far, they leave my plants alone. As for the rattlesnake, I bet that’s new shoots! Here’s a photo of a new shoot on mine. And here’s Quinn and our compromise cat tree. I want to put another shelf there so badly….
Ah the rattlesnake shoot didn’t attach, here it is!
@Nataleaf thank you! Yeah this was left accidentally on my kitchen table. Oops 😬
@Nataleaf So pretty! Aw what a cutie
@Hypsie oh noo! Kitchen table is fair game 😼 I’ve made that mistake. Tiny teeth marks allll over my ornata.
are we sure it wasn't a huge gust of wind ?

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