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Sunday Rescue
🎉 Happy Sunday! 🎉

Let’s talk #Rescue Plants. I’d like to start a #SundayRescue post where we share the pots we may have found during the week and chose to rescue because we just can’t stand seeing them being overwatered or severely neglected. Or we just need to know we aren’t alone when one -or ten - decide to keel over because they’ve given up… but we haven’t. 💪🏽 Right?

There have been quite a few of these in #CarolinesWinterGarden that have been in the “I may not make it!”phase. I think we all have them. Rescues are the pots that are on their last leg and foliage is hardly there. You may even need a 🔎 magnifying glass to see it but the fact is that it’s probably alive. We’re just waiting for the moment we can say in our Young Frankenstein voice: Its Alive, I tell you! Its Aliiiiiive!

It doesn’t have to be a specific plant. It could be ones that have finally left the teetering between life and 💀.

By all means, if you have any, please share. This is a #SafeSpace to show others not every garden is perfect 100% of the time. I know mine isn’t but progress is always good and it’s how we learn, right? Some of mine are still leaning towards 🪦 but I’m trying to bring them back.

I’ll start first: It’s taken three months to get it here. Do you see it? Happy Growing, #GregGang ☕️
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A solid 25% of my garden is in limbo on any given day 🤣 I feel so seen
@Mama_Jaimekins Well, it’s good to be seen sometimes. Know you aren’t alone. Maybe we can help if you share what’s going on? [Hugs]
I have a ton of rescues. I can’t help but bring them home. This was this weeks. The picture was even taken after I watered it and trimmed all the dead off. It was so dry and the soil was hard as a rock. I have even started labeling them in my oasis as rescue so I can continue to document progress and if anyone happens a to look they don’t think 1/2 my plants are neglected lol
@KDkat3 that’s a pretty one! What a find! It looks really good!
Love this! I should have bought the ones I saw at Lowe’s yesterday but I’ve had too many fails so I always am more tempted to buy if they have a cute pot so if they die I still get somthing out of it 🫣🤣
@bpark 🤣🤣🤣 I’d do the same! I do t blame you. It’s not too late to go back and get them, is it? 😆 Do it!
@FitSedum it might make my husband banish me to the basement buuut oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣
@bpark I do that too lol and more times than I can count I go back the next day or a few days later to get plants I didn’t get but wanted to. I justify by saying… well if they are still there I’ll bring them home LOL
@bpark 👀 I’m banished to the garage. And it’s nice out there. Plants don’t ask for sandwiches they can make themselves so… yeah, to the garage or basement it is. 🤣🤣🤣
@KDkat3 yes!! If they are still there it’s meant to be!!! Love it!
@FitSedum exactly! I’ll bring all my plants down there and then everyone’s happy!
@bpark DO IT! You’ll be happy and they’ll be happy. My first year, I had my plants on the countertops. When he asked what happened to his countertops, I asked what happened to my greenhouse. 🤣🤣🤣 Never fussed again. 😉😆😆😆
🤣🤣🤣 you guys crack me up. I told my husband a greenhouse would be a nice valentines gift. He looked at me like I had 3 heads LOL. So I’ll just continue to sneak plants in randomly. I show him 1 plant “look at this pretty plant I got today” and I don’t show him the other 3 I also brought home 🤣🤣🤣😜
@KDkat3 this is DH every day. No choice. 🤣🤣🤣
@FitSedum 🤣🤣🤣
I 💚 this! I absolutely can’t help myself when out comes to #RescuePlants! I got this sorry arse #Rescue very late in the season and it has been in steady decline ever since. I can’t seem to make this lady happy. But lo and behold…signs of new life! #SadPlant
These two are all that remains from a much larger peace lily that got a nasty case of root rot. The one in the back is living her best life even tho she looks ridiculous now that the rot is gone. The one in the front has been fighting a harder battle but I think maybe, just maybe, we finally got the lighting where she needs it to turn the corner 🤞
@Hilly99 yay! Job well done! It looks so good! ❤️
@RelentlessZebra keep up the good work. You’re doing it and that’s what gardening is about! 🫶🏽
Love this idea @fitsedum ! 😊 💚 💙 💜

I love to rescue but it always makes me sad ( and a little embarrassed or guilty) when they don't look their best during the in-between phase.

Your judgment-free policy zone is much appreciated! 🙏🏽🙂

Remember those 3 plants I rescued from my dentists office? Sadly 2ndid not survive the rooting process...

But this lilttw green thing did! It finally has new growth and the leaves (what's left of them) are plump!

I suspect it's Echeveria... But onky time will tell!

I also included a star cactus haworthia pup, offset too early after an outdoor temp drop /emergency repot situation that almost killed the mother plant - he's struggling but I have high hopes for him to turn chonk and green! 💚

Also featured is the 🍋 Lime Gold Sedum (I think I posted about it)...

I found the sedum on the ground by an apartment building's outdoor arrangements in pots without drainainge. 😠

Some of the upper leaves have begun chonking up nicely and I think I see a little new growth in the middle 🙌🏽😁 so I'm on the right track with this stem cutting.

And lastly a true success story...

This gorgeous variegated ghost plant I rescued from the heat of last summer at my mother-in-law's house in the valley (were taking outdoor high temps of 100° or more soem days! - She does not know how to care for her succulents and they were all close to death. (Half of my Aeoniums are rescued from her! )

Anyway, this Variegated Graptopetalum Paraguayense had a rough start rooting last year ... When he was 1/2 rooted it cooled down sharply and he got rained on accidentally twice in a row (100% my bad 😔)

I noticed some mold in his pot, so suspecting a fungal infection, I beheaded and started over.

Finally, he's happily rooting under my new grow lights and there is lots of new growth with & same verigation pattern!

I can't wait to put him outside during the spring & watch the colors change! 😊 💚🤍💙
@roxyvivien such wonderful stories - both the windows and losses. Thank you for sharing these with everyone! ❤️
@bpark Same!
@FITSEDUM Wow, sorry for the novel above! 👆🏽 😳😅

You know how much I love rescues! 🥰

I'll have to create a different post with all my aeonium rescue sucesss stories... but thinking I should give a couple struggle-bus plants some time to shine in this post - my prayer plant and Echeveria devotion "Ruby" are having some major transplant shock from being shipped in soaking wet conditions and sitting in a box for 4 days (two unnecessary days due to the seller shipping on a Friday! 😖😤😡

I'll post update pics when my parter finally gets up and I can tend to my outdoor/bedroom plants without waking his lucky butt who gets to sleep in because the cats don't wake HIM up for food! SMH 🙄🙃
@roxyvivien no need to apologize! It wasn’t a novel! It was helpful to read about them all! It helps others and plant parents know the real side of gardening! This is what it’s about! I love the candor and the vulnerability! It means alot to many. They may not say so but I will! I have alot of my own to share too! Please don’t hesitate to share however many you have! ❤️
@fitsedum Thank You! ♥

Also, I'll just leave this here for those with husbands /boyfriends who need some "training" to be better plant partners to us & our "kids" 😂
@bpark @KDkat3

P. S. @fitsedum I love your style about the greenhouse response to your husband's complaint LOL
@roxyvivien omgsh! This is perfect! That’s all we need to hear! 🤣🤣🤣😉❤️❤️❤️❤️
Here’s Pinky. I’ve had her go back and forth from lively to 💀 multiple times. She had three inch leaves and then croaked. I brought her back and here she is. It is what it is. Her older sisters Kate and Katherine are doing just fine. Same room. Different attitudes. 😬
And here’s Rosie. She was full and lush and perfect. Until one afternoon, she went limp. I cut off so many leaves. I didn’t even hesitate. I was just determined to not sacrifice the entire plant over a few sickly leaves. I gave her a copper bath yesterday and she’s doing much better today. I’m still proud of her for hanging in there.
And this one hurts my heart more than I can bear but it is part of nature. My beautiful queen Anthurium decided to sacrifice her foliage for a new leaf that is just emerging. I gave her a copper bath too but before that, I noticed she lowered her leaves. I looked: healthy roots. No rot. And then I saw it. The new leaf was just emerging. I hadn’t been giving her the weekly feeding she needs and it’s my own fault. So she took nutrients from her old leaves to supplement the new one she was forming. And this is what I get.

That leaf should be magnificent though. The deterioration of the old leaves have stopped after I went back to the weekly fertilizer. These are heavy, HEAVY feeders and I missed three feedings. 😩 But at least she’s still with me. It’ll be ok.

Oops. Had to delete and repost in order to share photo.
@roxyvivien I’m sending that to my husband 🤣
@FitSedum mine lost all its leaves 😭your Rosie looks way better than mine. Just this week I cut the last 3 dead leaves off and it has 1 leaf that’s mostly dead but still has a bit of green. I had just googled if it’s possible they can come back in the spring if they drop all their leaves. It said it’s possible because of the rhizomes. So I’m waiting for the last bit of green to go and it will be nothing but some small stems sticking up from the dirt. She had been struggling big time since I rescued her but when I realized a week and half ago she had mesh around her roots I took her out and cut it off gently. But she didn’t take it well at all. This was after I cut the mesh off.
@KDkat3 Aw, so sorry to hear that. They don’t take kindly to being moved or touched at all. I truly believe they get tired and need a little break. Hang in there. The rhizomes can take a while to come back but they may be getting used to new conditions and new medium. Sometimes, if the temp drops just right, they go dormant. Once it comes back up, they start making a comeback. I think I now understand why most friends stay away from Calathea… Hang in there. It may come back in its own way. The mesh just keeps the rhizomes together. When I removed Kate and Katherine’s, they flipped out and I thought I’d lose them. They were rescues. It’s been a full year and they haven’t made a full recovery yet. I’m still cutting crispy remnants of stems off both but it’s not a fungus. Come to think of it, I do the same with all rhizome plants, even the ones outside… 🤔 It seems to be the nature of the plant itself…
@FitSedum thanks for the tips. I’ll hope for the best!
Love this thread @FitSedum 💚 I think a lot of us on Greg are plant rescuers and it’s a great way to see the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly🥰
I’m a total sucker for a rescue!!! That’s usually where I start when I’m in the big box stores. I always feel so bad for the ones I can’t take home with me, I apologize to them and tell them happy things before I have to walk away.🙈 I can’t be the only one who does this, right?! I think other shoppers think I’m totally strung out on something!🤪 I have a philo that I reduced from a grocery store at least two years ago and he’s just barely held on, like one leaf at a time. But I checked him out today and he’s finally got more growth showing up!! So so happy! Probably thanks, in large part, to this app so I know how to better care for him! @FitSedum I love this post and thread!

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