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I've only had the plant for 11 days and the tips are alre...

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I also found this β€œYes, misting plants can help with browning leaves, especially if the browning is due to low humidity. Misting can increase the moisture level around the plant, which can prevent the leaves from drying out and browning. However, it's essential to address the underlying issue causing the browning, such as inadequate watering, improper light levels, or pest infestations, to ensure the plant's overall health.” Hope this helps (:
I’m a new plant owner so I’m not sure if this helps. I noticed my plants doing this and I started to mist them (using a spray bottle) with water like 3 times a week making sure I spray all the leaves. I don’t really have anymore browning or breakage.
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I'll start misting her.
are you using tap water? some types of dracaenas are sensitive to that, you can try collecting rainwater or leaving your water out for a day or two to fix it :) btw i find that misting can be fun but having a humidifier nearby is more effective.
Your info card says no draining of the flower pot it’s in. Changing that out would also help.